Altona - Altona CD

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First-ever legitimate CD release!
Fritz Kahl (bass)
Karl-Heinz Blumenberg (vocals, bass/soprano saxes, bass)
Klaus Gerlach (guitar)
Wolfgang Wulff (tenor sax)
Karl-Heinz Gossler (drums)
Werner von Gosen (guitar)
Michael von Rönn (tenor sax)

"With their roots as ex-Thrice Mice members, Altona wisely chose this new name (Altona is a town on the edge of Hamburg) when dropping the former band's classical edge in preference for a jazzier front.
On their debut Altona played a lively fusion that crossed many boundaries, but kept the Blodwyn Pig feel that dominated the early Thrice Mice recordings. Notably, they sounded almost like a hybrid of Birth Control and Creative Rock, occasionally hinting at Eiliff, with songs and instrumentals that were full of surprises!"-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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