Amanaz - Africa

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"QDK Media releases an official reissue of Africa by Zambian heavy psych rockers Amanaz, licensed from band member Keith Kabwe. Amanaz was formed in 1973, and this record came out in 1975. Three of these songs are in the native language Bemba, and 9 songs are in English, recorded in Kitwe, the third biggest city in Zambia up North. Musically, it goes in the same direction as Blo, The Witch, and Question Mark, but this album is way cooler and more stoned with amazing fuzz guitar all over which sounds like an African version of early Cream. The cover makes it look very traditional, but after a few spins, you realize that this one is very special. It's sooo cool, sooo tightly-produced and easily comparable with UK underground albums with a touch of African beats. Still completely unknown, so this album has not been scored yet by the collector's scene. A real surprise -- extremely heavy yet extremely groovy in spots, too."

"It's really not very often that you hear this kind of sound coming from Africa, it seems that most African music that gets any kind of exposure in the West is heavily focused on beats and rhythm, whereas this album is much more melodic, with a fuzzed out, psychedelic sound reminiscent of some of the British psychedelic bands of ten years earlier, but there is still a definite sense that this is something different from its Western equivalents."
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