Amon Düül - Psychedelic Underground CD

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This is the first time that this legendary, raw album, that comes direct from the (very stoned) id, has been issued on CD from the original master tapes. It’s still as distorted and raw as ever, but as the way Duul intended it now...
The album was transferred in high resolution from the analog master tapes at Dierks Studios and carefully remastered.

“The band Amon Düül formed in 1967, with music being only one part of their artistic work. In 1969, the albums Paradieswärts Düül and Psychedelic Underground were produced. Reviewers describe them as a "document from the birth of German rock."
It was the first krautrock album ever. Even before CAN and XHOL Caravan. Before that, three musicians parted ways with the band and formed Amon Düül II. Amon Düül disbanded in 1971.”
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