Amos Key - Keynotes CD

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Amos Key are one of the more obscure 'one shot' German bands from the early 70s. The group consisted of Thomas Molin-keyboards, vocals; Andreas M. Gross-bass, vocals; Lutz Ludwig-drums.

These great sounding radio recordings predate their album by about a year and will amaze fans of The Nice and early ELP, as Molin was influenced by very similar classical and jazz sources that Keith Emerson was and comes up with a very similar organ-based sound. This features a huge booklet.

"A little-known band, of whom we know nothing historically, Amos Key were one of the few early German bands to play a fiery classical rock with such creativity and invention, and even parallel the excellence of the Italians! Much more so than fellow organ-rock pioneers Sixty Nine, Amos Key owed great debts to Bach, Beethoven and Schumann, adding a heavy Krautrock twist to a music more closely resembling Egg or The Nice, full of angst and weird psychedelic and space-rock touches."-The Crack In The Cosmic Egg
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