Castello Di Atlante - Capitolo 8 : Live CD + NTSC (all region) DVD

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" IL CASTELLO DI ATLANTE, a quintet (Guitar, bass, drums, keyboards-vocals & violin) born in the mid-Seventies, only issued their first album in 1992. The line-up performs an airy symphonic rock, ethereal and pastoral, completely influenced by the romantic, lyrical and dreamy tradition of the Italian Progressive rock masters of the time (PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI, BANCO DEL MUTUO SOCCORSO, LOCANDA DELLE FATE, LE ORME...). The music is characterised by the preeminence of the vocals and the keyboards, and by a violin strongly influenced by classical music. A kind of Progressive rock strongly marked by classical music, with delicate and natural atmospheres, sung in Italian. Recorded in 2000, "Come Il Seguitore Delle Stagioni" benefits from the production of Beppe CROVELLA (ARTI + MESTIERI). "Capitolo 8: Live" has been captured live March 29h 2012 in Casalborgone, not far away from Torino. Jointly published by the Musea and Azafran Media labels, this is a splendid Digipack , featuring the performance in both CD and DVD formats. The latter includes a bonus-track, "Leggi E Ascotta". Not to be missed, especially if you're a lover of top-class Italian Progressive rock !"
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