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Terrific one & done release from a Canadian folk / psych outfit who were mentored by Paul Horn (yes, THAT Paul Horn who managed to have this album released only in Canada by Columbia in 1974. This is the real thing and comes highly recommended!

"First official release of this cult favorite -- an album overflowing with brooding, mystical, Eastern-influenced hippie psychedelia dominated by long and largely instrumental tracks -- all based on a complex interplay of recorder, hand drums and acoustic guitar. Ptarmigan recorded the basic tracks for what would eventually become their only album in Vancouver, B.C. during the fall of 1972. It then took the band's producer and manager, renowned flautist Paul Horn, more than a year to find a label willing to release such unusual music. Finally, in 1974, Columbia Records released Ptarmigan's album to critical acclaim, and minimal sales. The music of Ptarmigan is deep and authentic, and sounds best when meditating on a landscape, an emotion, or a bottle of wine. Sometimes it is free-flowing and jazz-oriented; at other times it has the mystical feel of a shamanistic ceremony, with its oriental or South American harmonies. But in the end, this album is about the sea -- Ptarmigan was, after all, from Vancouver Island, and the musicians were well-versed in the contradictory moods of the surrounding ocean. One of those hidden gems from the 70s that makes life better when you discover them all these years later, rated by many as the best 'folk/progressive' and/or 'folk/psych' album ever made. As one contemporary review said, this is 'music from musicians, for musicians, late-at-night, last joint music.' Our Lion Productions reissue comes with a 28-page booklet that includes lyrics, liner notes from the band, and a multitude of photos and historical mementos."
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