Malibran - Straniero: Rare & Unreleased (mini-lp sleeve)

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Malibran were one of the most important & most visible of Italy's reviving Rock Progressivo Italiano scene in the 90s and into the early 00s.

It's hard to tell from the promo blurb if this set of rare tracks, which includes some very interesting covers, is the swan song release from them, or if they are still at it. It's been quite a long time since their last one, so my guess is that this is goodbye.

Either way, this is quite a good listen for fans of the classic Italian sound, most notably PFM and Banco.
1. Straniero (Malibran, 2011)
2. Fra i sogni tuoi (Malibran, 2007)
3. Un canto lieve (Malibran, 2007)
4. Canto di primavera (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, 2003)
5. God rest ye merry gentlemen (Traditional, 2003)
6. I talk to the wind (King Crimson, 2003)
7. Firth of fifth medley (Genesis, etc, 2001)
8. Los endos (Genesis, 2001)
9. The whistler (Jethro Tull, 2006)
10. Again (Peter Hammill, 2006)
11. For absent friends (Genesis, 2006)
12. No time to live (Traffic, 2006)
13. La stagione del re (Malibran, 2006)
14. Flute solo tribute (various, 2005)
15. Nuvole di vetro (Malibran, 2003)
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