Promenade - Noi Al Dir Di Noi CD

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Matteo Barisone : Vocals and Keyboards
Gianluca Barisone : Guitars
Stefano Scarella : Bass & Saxophone
Simone Scala : Drums
Damiano Baroni : violin
Francesco Bagnasco : violin
Gigi Magnozzi : viola
Giacomo Biagi : cello
Giovanni Aquillino : flute
Jacopo Bagutti : bassoon

This is the 1st release by this band that fall somewhere between the progressive rock and Canterbury sounds; some of this reminds me a little bit of a more ‘revved up’ take on the 1st Picchio dal Pozzo album. Anyway, this is a winner all around.

“The long awaited first album by Promenade from Genova. Skilled performances, melodies, a various palette of colors (acoustic and electric elements), all the right moves are included in their mix , everything spread by an Italian flavour and the characteristic voice of Matteo Barisone.”

  • LabelFading / AltrOck
  • UPC0634065205003
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