Anakdota - Overloading CD

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“The first album by this Israeli band is a journey full of colors and emotions, a music that is mix of great melodies incorporated with complex structures... with a brilliant result!
Male and female vocals with some interplay that reminds the great classics like Gentle Giant and Genesis but with a new modern approach. Easy and complex at the same time. A new way to hear progressive rock!”
Ray Livnat - vocals
Ayala Fossfeld - vocals
Erez Aviram – piano and keyboards
Guy Bernfeld - bass
Yogev Gabay – drums

“Hey hey... so Dave Stewart, Barbara Gaskin, and Bill Bruford traveled to heaven to form a new supergroup with Keith Emerson and Pekka Pohjola?! Oh well... I'm just dreaming... but that's how this new release on the great italian AltrOck label sounds to me. When I read that Ray Livnat, lead vocalist of Eyal Amir's band Project RnL (Rock 'n' LOL) has the vocal duties here, I already knew that this album must be exceptional… indeed, it's a real firework of odd musical ideas. So besides Ray Livnat and Eyal Amir, we've got to remember another name: Erez Aviram, who's responsible for all the songs on this album.” – Sven B. Schreiber
  • LabelFading / AltrOck
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