Kikuchi, Masabumi - One Way Traveller CD

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Back in print; at least for a minute!
Masabumi Kikuchi was one of the greats in Japanese jazz for a long time. He recently died and to honor him, a number of his long out of print titles have been reissued; this is the first time that this album has been available on CD in at least 15 years!
He started as a accompanist on acoustic pianist in the 60s and then later launched a band and a solo career.

"By the late 70s Masabumi Kikuchi had pretty well settled into living in New York City. Like many of the jazz musicians of the time he wandered off into full blown fusion territory. If the Kochi project was the calling card then Susto was the coming out party with One Way Traveller the just-as-successful follow up. This is full blown electric Miles worship which finds Kikuchi backed by some of NY's best session players. It was one thing to hear Kikuchi playing electric piano and organ in the past but now he runs wild adding synthesizer to his arsenal Masterful fusion from one of the overlooked greats."-Ken Golden
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