Various Artists - Half-Past Jump Time! DVD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Over the years a number of companies have released DVD compilations of Soundies or Snader Telescriptions - three-minute music videos made for video jukeboxes or television in the 1940s. Many contain the common ones seen by most collectors.
This first volume in a new series is different. The Swingtime Collection - volume 1 packs 40 (!) shorts on to one two-hour DVD with great video and sound quality and containing many obscure - but talented - performers. Ellington and Calloway are here (but not the common films), but so are Vanita Smyth, Mabel Lee and Dallas Bartley, all of who had only one or two commercial recordings. Meade Lux Lewis and Henry "Red" Allen are here for the jazz fans.
The package includes a nice illustrated booklet with bios of all the performers. This one's a winner and I'm looking forward to future volumes in this series.
What is great about this is that it is not a documentary so there's no talking. You can put this on and let it play like a cd so you hear just music, or you can watch it as you play it. Perfect!
Is the footage perfect? No, it's old. It has some flaws. But the music sounds great and though it's not high fidelity surround sound or anything, it's still very good quality considering the age.
In any case, this is great stuff if you like old time jazz/swing music. These are mostly black artists which is who mostly made this style of music.”
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