Estate Di San Martino - ESM#40 (mini - lp sleeve)

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"Founded in Perugia in 1975, L’Estate di San Martino is a band who, as many others in the Italian prog scene, only recently had the opportunity to release some records and play live with a certain regularity. The group is now celebrating their 40th anniversary, in a wise way, by rearranging their last album “Talsete di Marsantino” (a peculiar anagram of the band’s name).

“ESM#40” is a totally original and 'from-scratch' reinterpretation: an acoustic album, enhanced by a series of wind instruments sections (flute, saxophone, bagpipes) that add a slight jazz sound. Here, we have also numerous important collaborations, the most important being the one with jazz saxophonist Francesco Santucci, from the RAI Modern Orchestra; other musicians involved are Goffredo Degli Espositi (from Micrologus), Conny Rausch, Alessandro Deledda and Peppe Stefanelli.

The album absolute peak is reached towards the end, thanks to a very special guest, that same Francesco Di Giacomo (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso) who already sung in “Talsete di Marsantino”; one last precious legacy, before his sudden passing in February 2014.

There’s just the footprint of the ‘original’ Talsete here, while all the rest is still to be discovered!"
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