Charming Hostess - Sarajevo Blues CD

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Note the Ahvak and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum personnel involved in this one! "Following up on the enormous success of her Trilectic release from 2000, Jewlia Eisenberg has again fashioned a remarkable program of a cappella vocal and instrumental music on socio-political themesthemes that Jews think about, maybe even obsess about, from genocide and the nature of evil to freedom under extreme restraints and the response of art to all of these conditions. Influences as varied as eastern European folk, contemporary classical, hard rock, jazz, gypsy and Jewish music mesh seamlessly in Jewlia's boldly original compositional voice."
Nils Frykdahl: Nylon Oud, Voice
Carla Kihlstedt: Violin
Dan Rathbun: Bass
Wesley Anderson: Drums
Tim Barsky: Beatbox
Devin Hoff: Double Bass
Yoav Klein: Bassoons
Juliet Lee: Drums
Ishay Sommer: Guitars, Electronics
Roy Yarkoni: Keyboards
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