This Heat - Live 80/81

For my money, this is something of a dissapointment. The recorded sound is not particularly good and there were much better sounding documents to choose from. Why the band chose these particular recordings is beyond me...

"Until now, the only live This Heat has been a long-deleted cassette version of a concert from Krefeld, Germany, from 1980. At last, we are able to officially release private recordings from the band’s live repertoire, circa 1980-1981, taken from concerts in Tilburg, Nijmegan, Arhus, Appledoorn, Vienna and Rheims. The trio rip through some highly-charged versions of classic pieces from both “Blue & Yellow” and “Deceit”, as well as an improvisation (“Aerial Photography”), the tone of which could well be the backing track for their classic, “Triumph”) and one previously unheard song (“The Rough With The Smooth”, circa “Deceit”). This disk is a must for all This Heat fans: it gives us alternate versions of their classics, whilst documenting the immense energy and tonal quality of their live shows from that period.
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