Castle Fusion - Castle Fusion (band released CDR)

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This is the self-released 1st album by a new Rock Progressivo Italiano band who feature: Edoardo Capparucci: sax, bassoon, flute / Daniele Alfieri: piano, keyboards / Luigi Piergentili: guitars / Edoardo Cicchinelli: bass guitar / Stefano Vestrini: drums / Luca Fagnano: vocals.

The band was born in the music schools of Rome, Italy (is there a better place for classical / progressive rock bands to be born?)

There's a lot of instrumental bits (in fact, it isn't clear to me if vocalist Luca is a guest or a full member of the band, but since there are 6 out of 8 songs with vocals, I'll consider him a full member) and some quite wonderful flute/bassoon/sax parts, which gives this new RPI band a bit of a unique slant on the sound.

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