Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - Bum Bum

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"In May 2009, the 18-piece Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, conducted by Berlin composer Daniel Glatzel, released their amazing first album Take Off!, a crazy white-water rafting tour through all genres and styles imaginable, from minimalism to film scores, and from jazz to modern classical music and beyond. Now Glatzel and his orchestra are back for a second installment that will leave you breathless with its incredible richness. Bum Bum is not predictable for a single second, adding darker tones and atmospheres to the orchestra's boundless musical pedigree. AMEO might be fun, but they are far from easy listening. Glatzel is not fainthearted and no music is untouchable for him -- using his knowledge about modern pop, muzak, baroque composition, gamelan music and the Second Viennese School he sends both orchestra and audience on a journey through time. Take Off! was recorded live by the whole orchestra, but Bum Bum was created in the studio. Almost every instrument was recorded separately and each track was edited and re-arranged by computer. The orchestra is dismantled and reassembled in a new way which would simply not be possible live. This is post-ironic world-jazz -- a musical cabaret, in which everything can be marveled or laughed at, depending on perspective and context. Glatzel bombards us with an astonishing range of musical influences. Compositional concepts interrupt each other, cut in, drown each other out. Soundtracks of imaginary American gangster movies are replaced by fizzing harp-arpeggios, then by the clatter of Big Band jazz."
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