Atanasovski, Vasko / Adrabesa Quartet - Phoenix

VASKO ATANASOVSKI - alto & soprano saxophone, flute (Slovenia)
SIMONE ZANCHINI - accordion (Italy)
MICHEL GODARD - tuba, serpent (France)
BODEK JANKE - drums & tabla (Poland/Germany)
Special Guest:
ARIEL VEI ATANASOVSKI - cello (Slovenia)

“The Adrabesa Quartet consists of four exceptional musicians, brought together by its long-standing founder and leader: composer and saxophonist, Vasko Atanasovski.
Vasko is a well-known and established European maestro, having collaborated with renowned musicians such as Hindi Zahra, Vlatko Stefanovski, and Living Color, among a celebrated career. His masterful, unpretentious approach to his instrument has seen him embrace a host of diverse genres, exhibiting a fluency and grace which compliments any musical setting.
Simone Zanchini is an Italian accordionist, who has been collaborating with Vasko since the early part of this new millennium. (Simone is the only founding member still with Vasko since the Adrabesa Quartet's initial incarnation, back in 2005.) With the two having collaborated on numerous albums and concerts, Zanchini's advanced musical stylings are a superb compliment to Atanasovski's polished melodic sensibilities.
The Adrabesa Quartet's tuba player, Michel Godard, hails from France. Michel has enjoyed a distinguished career: one which has seen him work with many great artists, including Kenny Wheeler, Ray Anderson, Michel Portal, Louis Sclavis, Henry Texier, Enrico Rava, Michael Riessler, Rabih Abou-Khalil and many others. Godard has also collaborated with Vasko for many years; including a most recent performance at the 2020 Maribor Festival – where the two were paired as featured artists, backed by the Slovenian Philharmonic String Chamber Orchestra.
The unit's fourth member – who plays percussion and Indian tabla drums – is Bodek Janke. Currently residing in Poland, Bodek is the quartet's newest member. His is also a career marked by accomplisment and embellished by stellar names. In 2008, he was awarded the "Jazzpreis Baden-Württemberg", the highest award for jazz musicians in Germany and the "German Records Critics' Award" ("Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik"), for his work on Olivia Trummer's "Westwind."
After assembling the group for an ongoing, inspirational Melem (translation: "Soul Remedy") project back in 2017, there was an organic chemistry which quickly emerged. Inspired, Vasko and company decided to produce an exquisite musical document, highlighting their own original works and incorporating an assortment of regional ethnic musical dialects. Compiling a collection of pieces as quirky and unconventional as the quartet's instrumentation (sax, accordion, tuba and percussion), "Phoenix" stands as a shimmering testimony to both their considerable individual talents and corporate inventiveness. Inspired by some divergent musical roots -- combined with a sense of nostalgia and genuine passion for their craft -- the aptly titled album signifies the rebirth of a unit with a long-standing reputation for creative excellence across Eastern Europe
Joining the quartet's magical sonic adventures is special guest, Ariel Vei Atanasovski. Ariel is Vasko Atanasovski's 17-year-old son: a gifted young cellist, and ambitious understudy of renowned celloist, Professor Niko Sajko, at the Maribor Conservatory of Music and Ballet, and Slovenian virtuoso, Igor Mitrovic (also a Professor), at the Klagenfurt Music Conservatory. A musical prodigy, Ariel has remained active in various fields of music from a young age, and can already boast of numerous performances, international awards and original compositions. Boasting a musical maturity which belies his age, Ariel's contributions only add to "Phoenix"s allure.
In sparkling, effervescent fashion, the Adrabesa Quartet has defined itself as a high-energy, idiosyncratic ethnofusion group of a most regal nature – delivering fresh, brilliant, unpretentious music in a truly organic, masterful manner.”
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