Bass, Colin - At Wild End

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Colin Bass has been a professional musician for 45 years and has worked in a gigantic variety of forms, but for most folks here and for the purposes of this album, he is best known as a long-term member of Camel. This is a pastoral-style progressive rock album, reminiscent to me in some aspects of John G. Perry's Sunset Wading, although with more vocals than that album.
Appearing here are:
- Colin Bass / bass guitar, guitars, vocals, keyboards
- Kim Burton / piano, accordion, kaval, cifteteli
- Andrew Latimer / guitars, organ, keyboards
- Dave Stewart / drums
- Sian James / Welsh harp
- Ben Mandelson / guitars, harp, Hungarian whistle stick
- Alan Prosser / guitars
- Jenn Williams / fiddle
- Lisa Jen Brown / vocals
- John Lawrence / vocals
- Nigel Watson / vocals, percussion

"He is a musical weaver of rich tapestry consolidating a lifetime of experience, styles and passion to make something of substance to listen to and savour... great thought provoking tunes...a sheer pleasure"-Steve Petch,
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