Delirium - L'Era Della Menzogna

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Very good new album from the reformed Delirium, which sports a god-awful cover - one of the few times I am happy that our site has such tiny pics - which falls nicely into the 'rock progressive Italiano' camp!

"Delirium’s career has been an extensive but stuttering one. Formed in 1970 in Genoa, they recorded a handful of albums before dissolving, reforming some 20 years later. They remain adored in Italy for their heavy, early Genesis styling, and this album continues that inclination.

Wisely, the band have not simply rehashed their 40-year-old sound, but have added a crisp and contemporary twist to ensure they can’t be dismissed as merely being an archaic, nostalgic irrelevance. Il Dono exemplifies that approach, a jazzy opening bassline developing into an opulent, contemporary instrumental. Basta is similarly intentioned, moving through sections of dense guitars and imposing saxophone, all neatly propelled by punchy keyboards. Naturally, the lyrics are all in Italian, so the album’s concept does get somewhat lost, but rather like watching an opera, sometimes you don’t need to understand to vaguely follow the plot. Certainly that’s the case when the music is of a high enough calibre to distract, and with tracks as engrossing as Basta, La Deriva and Fuorilegge, Delirium’s music is more than capable of achieving that."-Prog Magazine
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