Runaway Totem - Affreschi e Meditazione

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"'Affreschi e meditazione' opens a new chapter in the long Runaway Totem saga, a journey within a journey. A trip to the physical and spiritual worlds, between real locations on earth and the frescoes and paintings that represent them. The music, this time less obscure and esoteric but equally full of charm and mystery, wrapped in the coils of the "Indian ragas", drawing inspiration from them and deep spirituality.

Six long pieces with hypnotic and ritualistic rhythms in which the sounds of electric violin weave shimmering and visionary arabesques, woven to precise and lyrical fretless bass of Joseph "Dauno" Buttiglione and to percussion s by Germano "Tiphareth" Morghen.

A special mention goes to "TaT (The cosmic tree)", with the evocative singing of Raphael Re-Set Tuz, already known for its close similarity with the voice of Demetrio Stratos (since 1996 Regoli is the initiator and organizer of the exhibition "Homage Demetrio Stratos).

The historic Italian group opens up a new world to explore, now at their tenth album. A journey into the soul, just started, already full of wonderful and imaginative sounds."
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