Beat Love Oracle - Dangerous Liquids CD

Frank NUYTS: marimba, synth and vocals
Frank DEBRUYNE: saxophones, synth and vocals
Stijn DELDAELE: electric bass and vocals
Ronald DHAENE: drums and multipad

"There is no other band on the planet that achieves such brilliance, freshness and instrumental complexity and still manages to put a smile on your face. What else?" (Mark T., Third Millennium)

"I'm not going to talk about structured chaos because that would be a nonsense... What I am going to say is that those from Nuyts have found the molecule capable of fusing solemnity with joy without anything exploding... besides your head. They have done it again. They remain unleashed. Of partying without nonsense and still of sweet. Pop that cork and let the healthy fumes of your "dangerous liquids" make your life a little better. How posh!" (Carlos Torrecilla, Kiss that Prog)

"Their music is a meticulously composed labyrinth, threading through improvisational jazz, chamber precision, and the spirit of Frank Zappa. With each release, Beat Love Oracle reinforces their reputation for fusing genres into a signature sound that resists easy categorization, earning them a spot among the avant-garde and experimental circles.
“Dangerous Liquids,” their latest album, is a tapestry of controlled chaos. It’s an album that speaks in a myriad of musical dialects, from the improvisational fluency of jazz to the structural complexity of contemporary classical music, all underpinned by an electronic heartbeat that adds a modern sheen to the entire endeavor... ...The record’s production embraces clarity, allowing each instrument to converse and clash in equal measure... ...In “Dangerous Liquids,” Beat Love Oracle continues to chart their own course, unbound by genre constraints, offering an album that is as intellectually stimulating as it is viscerally engaging. With nods to their influences yet an eye on the horizon, the band proves once again that they are more than a sum of their parts — they are the pulse of contemporary fusion, relentless in their pursuit of the unexplored." (Jose Zegarra Holder, Romantic Warriors)
  • LabeláMARXE
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