Biota - Invisible Map

If fans of Biota were shocked by the pop songs that appeared for the first time on the previous Biota release, Invisible map is going to send them reeling. They are sung by Genevieve Heistek, from the same school of Montreal musicians who spawned Godspeed You Black Emperor. The songs provide a central point around which Biota hang their esoteric production ideas. Crazy shawms suddenly spurt out of the mix, unsteady tripping rhythms from the drums counterpoint interlocking guitars, and unsettling sound processing pushes the material to the edge of oblivion. The tracks were built up from solo accordion or rubab, drums and guitar, and the whole piece is woven into an ambiguous cinematic journey. Mixing and effects were applied in real time, by hand. This gives a wonderful spontaneous feel to the music, and Biota have made an art out of accepting and working with freak accidental effects. [ReR]
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