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Bittova, Iva / Lenka Dusilova / Monika Naceva - Spolu CD + DVD

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Iva Bittova – vocals, violin
Lenka Dusilova - vocals
Monika Naceva – vocals, guitar, loops, effects

“The concert recording captures three exceptional singers of completely different genres at joint performances in Prague and Brno in December 2017. The unique recording captures a perfect fusion of genres, intimate atmosphere and strong female energy. The best moments of the concert are now released on one digipack, which contains an audio disc and a video disc.
"Creation and artistic activity include surprises, because whenever a person is pleasantly surprised, comes to self-knowledge or has to react," says Iva Bittová about the artistic interaction and adds: "I like that, it's part of the game, so I enjoy improvising . When I surprise someone or someone surprises me, I'm happy about it."
Seeing and hearing Iva Bittová, Lenka Dusilová and Monika Načeva on one stage is literally a unique experience that you can enjoy on this limited double album.”

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