Blue Oyster Cult - Cultösaurus Erectus CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"Thank the Great Old Ones! After 3 albums of declining quality, Blue Oyster Cult were back in business.
Cultösaurus Erectus is quintessential BÖC, featuring some of their very best work. Black Blade is sci-fi prog rock on the same level of Astronomy with all the guitars back on full blast and one of Eric Bloom's greatest lead vocal performances, especially the equal parts scary and trippy vocoder monlogue at the end. What an achievement, and burning away any lingering doubts after the lackluster previous album Mirrors. Monsters is one of the most unique musical pieces I have ever heard: a twisted attack of Black Sabbath-ish power riffing with frequent lapses into jazz saxophone solo sections (!) and classical piano fourishes. Deadline is almost a fun danceable California pop track, but with the horror movie synth, foreboding lyrics, and twists and turns it keeps the listner guessing what's coming next until the tense and arresting end. Divine Wind is an apocalyptic blues march into oblivion. The Marshall Plan is a perfectly realised rock n' roll fantasy, like Juke Box Hero times a thousand. The Öyster Boys drop the ball for a bit with Hungry Boys, a punk/new wave spin on a generic and rudimentary Oriental-sounding thing that quickly wears out its welcome. Fallen Angel is a little too 80s power ballad also but it is an improvement and it's better than most of Mirrors. The real highlight is Lips In The Hills: this is one of the most stupidly amazing songs of all time. With guitar pyrotechnics that literally never stop over a light speed rhythm section and a chanted refrain you'll have stuck in your head for days, this is a rock song for the ages. Lastly, Unknown Tongues returns us to the downright weird, with music equal parts The Doors as Led Zeppelin and lyrics that are as blasphemous, perverted, and disturbing as any in rock music history: what a great note to end on! Their best album since Secret Treaties. One of the very best rock albums of the 80s."
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