CB3 - Aeons

Pretty excellent cross between stoner rock, space rock and early Sabbath riffing.

“Coming at you like the bastard son of early Pink Floyd and any period Hendrix, CB3(Charlottas Burning Trio) waste no time in getting to grips with their revved up space rock and roll. Greased out riffs to the max, it may be all too Neanderthal but their back to basics approach is just what you need for a heady Saturday night in the land of getting high. Top grade monster psych-heads, the Swedish band have never been one for subtlety, so its great to see they continue that tradition on new album Aeons.”-Echoes & Dust

“Aeons is an explosive rock jam experience. It brings the spirit of psychedelic music to the 21st century, with a style that ranges from heavy psych rock riffs to cosmic soundscapes and mind-bending solos. All of which is founded in 110% of raw live energy.
The Swedish trio has received great feedback from national press, being referred to as "The King Crimson of Malmö"...”
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