Can - Live In Aston 1977 CD

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“Live in Aston 1977 is a whole new lens through which we can view a unique band with seemingly inexhaustible energy for live performance. It comes at a difficult period for Can; their recently released eighth studio album, Saw Delight, had been badly received and although posterity has been kinder, the reviews on release were savage. It might be expected that the live performances from this time would reflect some of the criticisms of the album, that they were slowing down, perhaps even feeling a little jaded, but it cements the notion that Can live, at any period, was mercurial.”
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Believe the hype! This late-period recording is like finding a new instrumental Can album lost to time. First track starts very much like 1970-era Pink Floyd with lots of spooky organ and then the guitar comes in full of fire and dominates to the end. Track two is more Eastern influenced in tone and has more intense guitar. So number 3 here starts rhythmically like free jazz and soon goes into that driving "Sing Swan Song" rhythm with everyone playing fantastically! The fourth cut starts right out grooving ,and as you can tell the whole set is one driving ,satisfying gig. Well worth your time and money!
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