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The band's third album, which was originally a double album and which was originally released in 1971 is considered one of their greatest works. This was the 1st album to soley feature Damo Suzuki as the vocalist and he makes his presence felt here strongly. One of the greats by one of the greats!

"Tago Mago, the first album with Damo Suzuki on vocals, features the Can line up of Holger Czukay on bass, Michael Karoli on guitars, Jaki Liebezeit on drums and Irmin Schmidt on keyboards, and was recorded at Schloss Norvenich in 1971, released later that year on United Artists. Can's influence is well known and far-reaching and the impact they made on music is felt today as keenly as it ever has been. They themselves have always been impossible to classify and reflecting this, the scope of artists who in recent years have cited Can as a major influence is varied. Of all the band's oeuvre, Tago Mago has been most often cited as an influence for a host of artists..."
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