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“This deluxe 2-CD digibook package is the first comprehensive retrospective of the work of Alvin Cash, the prime generator of dance craze tracks in the Chicago soul scene of the 1960s, which became so popular nationally. The set includes his only LP release named after his biggest hit, 'Twine Time' alongside his singles for Mar-V-Lus, Toddlin' Town, Seventy-Seven and Sound Stage Seven. The set is filled with dance-based hits including 'The Twine', 'The Boo Ga Loo', 'The Bump', 'The Barracuda', 'The Boston Monkey', 'The Penguin', ' Freeze', 'The Charge', 'The Popcorn' and 'The Ali Shuffle', devoted to the great boxer. The authoritative notes are by the eminent Chicago blues and soul expert Robert Pruter.”

“Whoa! If you're looking for some stomping soul/r&b/funk-check out Alvin Cash. Together with (for the most part) his band, The Crawlers, (sometimes heard here under different names), this is some great uptempo music from an artist who couldn't (and didn't) really sing. This gets 3 to 4 "stars" for it's good time, up beat sound, and Cash's way with a phrase (usually with a "woo-ee!" at the end), all while the music (accent on the horns/bass/drums) pumps out of your speakers. Some will no doubt hear repetition, which is true, and not rate it as highly-which I understand. The sound isn't pristine, it's got that period, warm, small label, monophonic sounding feel of the era. But that seems to bring this music back to life for those of us who can remember hearing this music way back when. I can still remember hearing Cash come on the radio back in those days. Nothing serious in his music, just some fairly silly lyrics played with great electricity.
Cash would talk (usually using the title over and over again) over some hard-edged yet slippery, thumping arrangements, sometimes with a chorus of background singers echoing his "vocals". He also sometimes used a honking sax and some incendiary blues guitar to up the excitement. Cash is most known for "Twine Time", a dance that was popular for a short time. But he also had songs like "The Bump", "The Barracuda", "The Penguin", "Boston Monkey", "The Philly Freeze", "Alvin's Boo-Ga-Loo", "The Charge", and a few others-all were dances that may or may not have actually been popular.
But there's no denying that this is, as the title states-a "Windy City Workout". This is a good example of some prime, move-to-the-groove, funky soul music from the era when this kind of music was king. Cash and The Crawlers had this sound down! Soul fans miss this at your own peril. But Cash never really became a huge star simply because his music, and his lyrics, were repetitious, and he didn't have a true soul voice along the lines of other singers of the era.
The discs snap in, inside the front and back covers of the thick wallet-style holder. The attached booklet goes into some detail concerning Cash's life in and out of music. Also included are some great period photographs and other memorabilia.”-Stuart Jefferson
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