Cassiber / Ground Zero - Live In Tokyo / Ground Zero Remix 2 x CDs

Cassiber were Christoph Anders, Heiner Goebbels & Chris Cutler, & they play reeds, keyboards, drums, guitars, tapes, vocals, & more. They were a band who always played with great fire, recording improvisations that are recorded in real time.This is the final recordings of BOTH Cassiber & Ground Zero. The Cassiber disc's material is drawn from throughout their career & is a fine performance. The Ground Zero remix is well done & offers insight into the building blocks of Cassiber's sound.

"Cassiber Live in Tokyo CD1 captures the group at their best, in a beautifully recorded concert on October 3rd 1992. They were joined on stage by the talented Japanese saxophonist Shinoda Masami, who tragically died a month later at the age of 34. Tokyo was one of Cassiber's last concerts, as they disbanded shortly afterwards. Cassiber Live in Tokyo CD2, the second part of this exciting project, is a remix of the concert by renowned avant sampling outfit Ground Zero, featuring Otomo Yoshide."
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