Phillips, Barre/Catherine Jauniaux/Malcolm Goldstein - Birds Abide

"The next set my favorite one of the entire fest, it featured Barre Phillips on acoustic bass, Catherine Jauniaux on voice and Malcolm Goldstein on violin. This set was completely acoustic and didn't really employ any extended techniques yet it was completely successful nonetheless. It was most magical and flowed organically. Barre Phillips has long been one of my favorite contrabassists, ever since hearing the (John Surman) Trio albums from 1970, as well as dozens of albums after that. Mr. Phillips also played a superb solo set here at DMG earlier this year (2010) & I was honored to have him. Catherine Jauniaux is an old friend who I recall so well from her days in NY when she was married to the late Tom Cora. She has long been one of my favorite vocalists and is sadly under-recorded. She did make a fine trio disc with Barre & Ned Rothenberg last year, but it was her first in a long while. Malcolm Goldstein is more known as a composer, but it turns out that he is a great improvising violinist as well. I've only heard him live once & that was twenty years ago. For me, this was the perfect trio, with Malcolm on the high end, Barre on the low end and Catherine somewhere in the middle with her immensely charming voice & presence. Catherine's range goes from Edith Piaf-like vocal sounds to quirky bird-like bits. I kept thinking that this trio is perfect, communicating on a high level and taking us with them on an inner journey that only our fearless fellow travelers could do." - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery - taken from BLG's 2010 Victo Fest review
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