Ulher, Birgit / Franz Hautziner - Kleine Trompetenmusik

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“It is no longer startling to hear tubes and valves channelling breath and imagination into such fine gradations of utterance. The process of deterritorialization from the trumpet's inherited identity is too far advanced to spring major surprises. The pleasure of listening to Hautzinger and Ulher together lies in the success of their creative interaction, the synergetic uplift of their shared and distinct techniques, their spontaneous responses and intuitive leaps. Prolonged introspection blossoms into sustained communication. Years of dedicated independent research has found its mature application. Each of these five tracks conveys its own character. The moment to moment resourcefulness is still fascinating, but the shaping of the music has become more significant than the unorthodox means of its realization. Listeners not acquainted with these exhilarating trumpeters can here catch them at a stage of vital consolidation.”-Julian Cowley / The Wire
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