Blechdom, Kevin/Eugene Chadbourne - The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience

"On the final day of the Festival, Eugene Chadbourne, the unique North Carolina advocate of hillbilly anarcho-improv, took the stage with Florida-born techno-conceptualist Kevin Blechdom (born Kristin Erickson) -- with long hair and gender-ambiguous coveralls, she might have been an adolescent male of the rural American South -- in a program devoted largely to banjo duets and country-fried vocals. The performance by The Chaddom Blechbourne Experience was very funny. Blechdom sang vacuous material with real passion, while Chadbourne fragmented idiomatic five-string banjo with chaotic runs. The whole event was genuinely strange (Chadbourne popped helium balloons and inhaled the escaping contents for instant falsetto) and immensely entertaining." --Stuart Broomer, Musicworks, Winter 2007. "New, surprising ideas still sneak into the mix. Take, for example, the (mostly) banjo duo of Eugene Chadbourne and Kevin Blechdom: closing a set which swerved deliriously from tipsy Americana to Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd covers, the pair goofballed 'Dueling Banjos.' Kevin (actually a woman) humped her banjo, and the pair enacted an onstage, starter pistol gunfight. Voila, a double whammy FIMAV first, with gunplay and sex with instruments!"-Josef Woodard, Santa Barbara Independent, June 2007.

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