Castello di Atlante - Concerto Acoustico

Il Castello di Atlante formed in the 1970s in Italy, but like many of the Italian groups (there really were huge numbers of progressive bands in Italy in the 1970s), Il Castello never had the chance to record or release anything during that time. Unlike almost all the other bands, they didn't quit, but kept playing together, finally getting a chance to record their first album in the 1990s, at the beginning of the 'progressive rock revival'. This documents a mostly acoustic concert from 2006 in Novara. Featured are five players on acoustic guitar/vocals, violin, piano/acoustic guitar/vocals, acoustic bass/vocals and drums/piano/vocals. "As usual some similarities can be found with legendary 70's groups like PFM or Quella Vecchia Locanda, but the group always has a good personality and a rather original sound."
  • LabelElectromantic
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