Taylor, Robin - Pork (special)

Another classic Taylor's Universe album. Trumpeter Hugh Steinmetz plays a key role in this landscape of rock, avant-garde and ambience. Beyond the limits of imagination. 9 tracks of desert soundscapes with lots of effected guitar and trumpet.

Robin Taylor: guitars, basses, percussion, voice etc.
Jan Marsfeldt: keys, voice
Mads Hansen: drums, percussion
Hugh Steinmetz: trumpet
Jytte Lindberg: voice

"Colorful, eccentric sounds. The CD moves forward with a nice flow- you don't have the sense of listening to separate tracks, everything kind of segues into everything else. The mood is constantly shifting with the sonic terrain, from serious to playful and back again. Again, colorful, eccentric sounds. That's a good thing. But the best quality of this CD is that it makes you (me, at any rate) want to hear more."-Sam Crain

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  • LabelMarvel of Beauty
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