Taylor, Robin - Once Again (special)

"2004 album by Danish composer and multi-instrumentalist Robin Taylor and long-time mate Karsten Vogel. A 7-tracker that contains progressive jazz/avant-garde music, filled with beauty. A coherent and impressive album that shows what progressive rock at its best should be about." Robin Taylor: guitars, bass, keys, percussion Karsten Vogel: saxophones, bass clarinet Kim Menzer: didjeridoo Pierre Tassone: violin Louise Nipper: voice Mads Hansen: drums Rasmus Grosell: drums Kalle Mathiesen: drums "Once Again is a pretty cool thigh-slappin' experience." – Sea of Tranquility "For those who like experimental jazz, rock, or fusion, I highly recommend it. Once you make it down the rabbit hole, a world of adventure awaits you." – Music Street Journal

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  • LabelMarvel of Beauty
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