Squonk Opera - Rodeo Smackdown

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Squonk Opera are from Pittsburgh and are a musical/theatrical troupe who are as at home in theatre settings as they are at a club. Vocals, guitars, keyboards/accordion, woodwinds, percussion are all utilized, along with lighting. They have created 8 original shows of which this is the soundtrack to one, from 2004. I've seen them a couple of times and it's always first rate and entertaining.

"Squonk Opera's Rodeo Smackdown is a multimedia music spectacle drawn from the myth of the Minotaur and the maze set in the world of cowboys, oilmen and rodeo queens. Human, beast, or both, you don't want to miss this battle for power and respect. Feats of daring, discombobulation, Taurean terror, and bovine bullying… An utter contempt for danger and its consequences…And pretty flowers and butterflies and stuff, too."

"earthily comic, implausibly beautiful"-Pittsburgh City Paper

"The funniest piece the group has staged... since Bigsmorgasbordwunderwerk broke all of the rules on Broadway"-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"...carnival sets, bizarre costumes and psychedelic movies to make your head spin... myth and politics, New Age and Laurie Anderson, opera and metal... those crackpot modernists and cartooning Michelangelos – Squonk Opera!"-Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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