Cauvin, Philippe - Voie Nacree

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One of the earliest artists on the Musea label was this guitarist who specialized in acoustic guitar-based progressive sounds that were very distinctive. It's great to have him back with a new album, the first from him in a very long time...

"Disciple of the wizards, "One of the greatest French virtuosos of the guitar", "A new trouvere", "A modern griot"... Here are a few sentences chosen by the French press at the beginning of the Eighties, to qualify Philippe CAUVIN's works. The leader of the atypic Progressive rock group UPPSALA has reinvented his beloved instrument, the classical guitar, and has created for the occasion a unique music. It can be described as a delightful mix of middle-aged songs and current hymns. This is a strange mix of classic language, church prayers and vanguard rock. Philippe CAUVIN has one more thing playing for him: his voice. An almost woman-like singing, displaying weird imaginary words, which has apparently been made for us to dream. His second solo album, "Climage" (1979), is the fruit of five years of work. Acclaimed by the musical press, this unique album reveals a beautiful, strange and sensual music coming from another planet, like a challenge for the time. "Memento" goes one step beyond the first album, in the realm of "spiritual" music. It showcases an ambitious epic composition, a 20 minute-suite for classical guitar, percussions and voices. Several unreleased tracks are present here, recorded in 1980, 1989 and 1996. Adventurous, fascinating, mystical and moving: Musea reissues once again a timeless work of art. Not to be missed ! At last, Philippe CAUVIN offers a new opus, "Voie Nacrée" (2013). This album can be seen as the key for exploring an inner world . Throughout these eight new compositions, the artist invites the listener to a renaissance, opening the way to a new music without any interference. In these precious moments where magic is in the air, the heart and the guitar get together in unison, with a sincere and courageous generosity. Here's the perfect occasion to reinstate that privileged link with one of the major creators of its generation. Not to be missed!"
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