Charles, Xavier/Diane Labrosse/Kristoff K. Roll/Martin Tetreault - Tout Le Monde En Place Pour Un Set Americain

This was one of the more extraordinary sets up at Victo last year, since it was as visually stimulating as it was sound-wise. This brilliant quintet of electro-acoustic French and French-Canadian improvisers performed on an elevated circular stage in the middle of the largest of three performances spaces up at Victo with ten loudspeakers placed around the room, the audience surrounding the stage and able to walk freely around to view each player more closely. For me, it was just as much fun to watch the wandering audience members as it was to see who was doing what on stage. All five musicians played a variety of gadgets or instruments - just to give you an idea: Martin on dismembered turntables; Diane on sampler; Xavier on clarinet and small objects thrown into a loudspeaker diaphragm; K.K. Roll is actually a duo of Jean-Christophe on toys, sampler & mixing and Carole throwing, rubbing or breaking small objects like grain, paper cups and used cds. There were many sounds that would've been nearly impossible to identify without watching what each player did. It was like being in a laboratory, watching mad scientists create these new sound-forms. There is an obvious attention to detail, microscopic sounds magnified for us to stare at or listen to carefully. Crackling, whirring, distant dentist drill droning and unnerving us a bit. Slowly the sonic environment starts to get more dense, organically evolving through different scenery. Although, things seem to move slowly at times, this remains an engrossing collection of connected sounds which change often enough to pull us along and submerge us in this delicious sonic soup."-Bruce Gallanter [Victo]
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