Cheer-Accident - Variations On A Goddamn Old Man ('08) (CPCD 2005)

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“Third in the series. We’ve established a pattern here. (Every three years…) [editor’s note: Then they signed to the Cuneiform conglomerate and completely destroyed their freedom to do so – ha ha ha!]
This one is very much the sister Old Man to the 2005 release. Sister Old Man? Does that even make sense?
Much tunefulness here as euphoria and melancholia seem to be battling it out.”

Based on the personnel [Alex Perkolup, Mike Hagedorn, Jeff Libersher, Thymme Jones] and the sound of the band and the tunes, it sounds like this was recorded between Introducing Lemon and Fear Draws Misfortune.
Not a bad place to be, at ALL!
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