Chelsea Light Moving - Chelsea Light Moving CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Named after the moving company that Phillip Glass and Steve Reich ran in the early 70s/late 60s, when they were struggling [really]!

“Debut release from Thurston Moore's (Sonic Youth) new band--perfectly discordant minor key indie rock packed with driving, distorted guitar love and magnificently mesmerizing post-punk noise chords.
Plenty of ripping feedback and even a bit of post-rock/metal riffing lends power & guts to the core of this pensively blasting monster. An indie slacker ethos sticks its head in, only to be twisted with some disturbed, jazzy Stoner metal licks. The guitar playing, as might be expected, is both subtle and outlandishly weird--and always brilliant.
Includes members from Hush Arbors & Sunburned Hand of the Man. For all of its strangeness, this is probably Moore's most accessible non-Sonic Youth album, and the result is impressive. Also recalls bands like Disappears, the Megaphonic Thrift, Yo La Tengo, the Fall. If you're waiting for the next really good "Sonic Youth" album, here it is!”
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