Chenevier, Guigou - Pieces Musicale Avec Vue 3 Musiques Pour le Theatre et la Peinture

Guigou is best known as the drummer (and also composer) with Etron Fou Leloublan and Volapuk, but he's made a number of really excellent solo albums both within and outside of his membership in those bands, of which this is the latest, and his best since the magnificent Rumors of the City. On this album, he plays almost all the instruments himself, which isn't a problem, as in addition to being one of the drumming greats, he's a very good reed player. He also acquits himself very well on guitars, vocals, sound effects, clarinet and marimba. This album features 3 soundtracks he did for two theatre works and an art installation, one of which features the wonderful violin work of Takumi Fukushima, also of Volapuk.
  • Labelinoui
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