Conqueror - In Orbita

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"6th CD in studio for CONQUEROR 5 years after the last STEMS. The band returns to the classical 5-piece lineup (with wind instruments), it is part of the line up Tino Nastasi on guitar (already in the 2nd and 3rd disc). "In Orbita" is a very troubled record in its writing, which started at the end of 2014 and continued until 2017, right at the beginning of the final recordings. Great classic Prog close to the classic sounds of Canterbury Sound. The band deals with the early stages of Juri Gagarin's life before the famous space mission, focusing more on the intimate aspect of his perceptions. Fino al limite These are the stages of growth of Juri, from his origins, continuing with the experiences of school and work: his life choices are based on love for flying, which leads him to become a skilled pilot, capable of multiple acrobatics. Looking for wings It tells of an episode concerning Gagarin's childhood: 2 planes hunt for breakdowns near the village where Juri and other children lived; what strikes the young spectators is to see the pilots not abandon their airplanes all night, cold and snowy. Verso un nuovo mondo It is the passage dedicated to the physical and psychological preparation for the mission of the first circumnavigation in orbit around the Earth by the first man / astronaut in history. Here Juri imagines what he will be able to see from above: rivers, mountains of rock ... Fantastic on the sensations he will experience and on the images that will forever remain etched in his mind. Kedr Literally it means "Cedar" and it is the name that Juri gives to the mission. He tells of his moods before and during the mission and mentions the famous phrase that the astronaut pronounced in radio contact with the Earth, when he was asked how he saw the Earth from above and he replies that, seen from far away, it is a small BLUE PLANET. Un disegno perfetto It is the testimony of how the events that happen transform and modify the human soul, enriching it and making it more mature and ready to face new situations: Gagarin is aware of how this unique experience has forever changed his being and every image, seen as a perfect design, it will remain indelibly etched in his mind. . 09:07 a.m. Departure time of the orbital mission Star on the moon This is the theme of the "journey", seen in every meaning that the word has: the awareness of what one is about to leave, which represents a fixed point and a security, and at the same time the courage not to stop, going towards what is not known, but represents the only way to go."
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