Conqueror - Storie Fuori Dal Tempo (expanded / remastered)

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"A new remastered reissue releasesed with the addition of an unpublished bonus track, of the second historical album of the Sicilian band, which found incredible sales success, selling out each of its editions."

"In 2003 the promising Italian progrock band of Conqueror released their debut album of the same name, two years later we were able to enjoy the successor entitled Storie Fuori Dal Tempo. The sound is in the vein of the debut CD, but the band has matured at all levels, thanks to the contribution of the new members Sabrina Rigano and two guest musicians (on harp and chorus). The compositions are melodic and tasteful, despite some hints taken by the early Camel and Marillion Italians are able to present a very original mix of symphonic, classical and folk prog. It is not a sound of extraordinary complexity or just virtuosic but Conqueror takes you on a pleasant musical journey with a lot of variety, very smooth with a tasteful work on the guitar, keyboards, saxophone and flute. The first track Ouverture is a composition that offers many moods, from the dreamy one with a flute, to the most roaring one with bass pedal and flowing delicate flights of synthesizer. The next song contains oriental sounds. In fact, no photo contains a captivating atmosphere with a lot of flute and a long, fiery guitar solos, classical piano and - flute and a mid-tempo with the saxophone. The highlight is their 'magnum opus', titled Morgan (more than 30 minutes): here the climate changes, in the first part there is a wonderful interaction between Fender Rhodes piano and the fire guitar, then powerful saxophone and classical piano and flute, halfway more booming the synthesizer, organ and propulsive guitar riff and, finally, very interesting the symphonic prog with a wide range of instruments, from harp, to classical piano and clarinet with keyboard surge and a guitar solo sensational, this is Progheaven!"-progarchives
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