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“With OBI strip and insert.
Originally formed in 1968 under the name The Silencer, Nagoya, Japan progressive rock band Cosmos Factory didn't change their name until their 1973 debut on Nippon Columbia with An Old Castle Of Transylvania.
Loaded with heavy psychedelia and prog rock guitar moments, experimentally blended with the use of Hammond and Mellotron, the band lead by keyboardist / vocalist Tsutomu Izumi takes you on an adventure throughout the dark forests of Transylvania. Throughout the years, the album has become an very rare and sought after gem in the history of Japanese prog rock, this is the very first vinyl reissue ever, complete with OBI strip and insert.”

“A really beautiful and very atmospheric hard rock album. The melodies are strong, carried mostly by keyboards. The bass is quite loud and up-front. The vocalist sings sometimes passionately, sometimes subtly, but always in Japanese.
I really liked this album because here the approach to hard rock is not of the straightforward kind. The tempos are mostly slower, there are many beautiful instrumental breaks, lots and lots of awesomely played keyboards. The album really ends up sounding like an entirety and not simply a collection of songs. The mood achieved is also intriguing - melancholic, occasionally brooding. This may sound a little like what Black Sabbath have achieved, but Cosmos Factory is avoiding Iommy's compactly packed doomy riff strategy. Here we have a more sprawling and atmospheric sound.”-rym
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