Costa, Alfio - Frammenti

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“...’My music made of colours, in the refuge of the past... I am just a dolphin, diving into a sound'... (frammenti)
Why Fragments? Because life itself is made up of fragments, stolen from time or from our daily life...but the album tells us about other fragments: it takes shape and substance during a historical period that changed us forever and deeply; a period made up of everyday life forcedly caged and inevitably exploded into a thousand fragments. Fragments from the present or immortalized in old photographs that time has not yet faded... the album tells its own story and contains, like a precious treasure chest, a piece of history. An album that will be remembered for the elegance, grace and sweetness that distinguish it (as in 'Canzone per un respiro', a desperate and final declaration of love), as a testimony of a historical period that will remain forever in our souls. A series of tracks that scream with a whisper ... 'I can't go away'... ('Ombre del sole’, one of the most intense pieces contained in the tracks); A lover of vintage sounds, Alfio Costa uses in his music instruments that have made rock history: Hammond Organ, Minimoog, Mellotron, Fender Rhodes Piano, mixed with the latest generation instruments such as the Roli Seaboard.
During the period of collaboration with TILION (opening group of Deep Purple, 1999) the artist met a musician fundamental for his artistic growth, the multi-instrumentalist VINCENZO ZITELLO. A beautiful and deep friendship was born between the two of them, which led to collaborations in both directions.
The album 'Frammenti' is entirely written by Alfio Costa; special guests are musicians from "his" three musical projects: Prowlers, Daal and Fufluns, but also 'illustrious' guests and special friends: Lino Vairetti and Vincenzo Zitello.”
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