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At its best, this actually really does sound like the great Archemedes Badkar actually BEING great. At its worst, it kinda sounds like the Dead.

“Archimedes Badkar was started by Per Tjernberg in 1972 and between 1975 and 1979 released four LPs. Recently, three of the original members plus four newcomers gathered in Silence's legendary studio in Koppom. There were two CDs and LPs, 102 minutes of music, mostly from lively first shots.
Badkar looked around the world early, absorbed music from different parts of Africa, Central Asia, India, America, Europe, but they also listened to contemporary composers such as Terry Riley. Now the focus is mostly on the United States with some focus on New Orleans, Dr. John and the mixed religion santería. The turn that has always existed has become heavier and more determined. It does not prevent different styles from coexisting and being incorporated into the sound, own songs and others. A Norwegian wedding song checks in unhindered, as do Bob Dylan and Duke Ellington (In a sentimental mood in a good-natured freaked out version).
The music often comes in shock with several songs and follows closely together, a kind of coherent story. Alice Coltrane joins Jagger / Richards Factory girl with a light hand. Leading electric blues and a thirteen minute long mini-drama with a mix of voices and instruments, Grateful Dead and The Fugs behind the scenes.
Per Tjernberg plays piano, organ, piano and a plethora of instruments in addition and is responsible for most of Badkaret's compositions. Jörgen Adolfsson plays various woodwinds and Åke Eriksson percussion and drums. They were involved from the beginning. Nikke Ström, from Nynningen and more, has been added on bass as well as Stina Hellberg Agback on harp, Mathias Danielsson on pedal steel and Kate Tindermark on violin. In addition, a large number of guest contributions, including by Ulf Adåker, Bill Laswell and Peps Persson (on harmonica).
There are a lot of toppings to get varied and instrument-rich sounds, quotes and voices from the past often appear, mixed in by Jonathan Sandberg.”
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