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I have a real soft spot for these guys and their first incarnation (1975-1980 or so) from my days selling records in Gaithersburg, MD at a shop that did a big biz in metal and hard rock. I guess you could say that they combined hard rock with melodic rock, while boasting a pretty fair amount of complexity. This release finds them in terrifically good form 35 years on and tackling some of their best material. This is over 2 hours of live musical performances plus extras.

"This is the first authorized film production of the band ever. The main portion of this concert DVD was filmed with 7 HD cameras during Crack The Sky's performance headlining the 2008 Rites of Spring Festival in Philadelphia PA. Also included is an additional hour of material from the 2008 New Hazlett Theater show in Pittsburgh PA. It includes songs from their catalog of over 20 records from the past 30 years. The band lineup is songwriter John Palumbo (guitar, lead vocal), Rick Witkowski (lead guitar, vocal), Bobby Hird (lead guitar, vocal), Joe Macre (bass, vocal), Joey D'Amico (drums, vocal), and Glenn Workman (keyboards, vocal). DVD extras include band interviews and a photo slide show."
Track Listing/Features:
* White Music
* Hold On
* Nuclear Apathy
* From The Greenhouse
* Go
* Zoom
* Sea Epic
* Wet Teenager
* Maybe I Can Fool Everybody
* L'Acte de Patriote
* All American Boy
* Lighten Up McGraw
* She's A Dancer
* Ice
* The Sale: Introduction
* The Sale: Prelude
* American Refugee
* American Refugee Movement 2
* Nuclear Apathy
* Rangers At Midnight
* Ice
* Hold On
* Surf City
* Hot Razors In My Heart
* Skin Deep
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