Cutler, Chris / Fred Frith - Two Gentlemen In Verona CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

“There must have been something special going on in Verona last April; neither of these old sparring partners from Henry Cow and Art Bears can remember anything about this concert! By far the most aggressive of their duo albums, it leads us via howling fuzz guitar and machine gun percussion into walls of post-rock improvisation, obsessive industrial rhythms, and levels of excitement rarely generated by two people on a stage. The album is remarkable for Chris and Fred's rediscovery of melody and time playing.”

"An almost complete concert from Verona 1999, slightly edited for listening logic. Impeccably clear; transparent sound. Very different from (previous releases), this documents a more upfront, intense performance, full of history, rock, post rock, tunes, rhythms, even melodies - all transformed into a contemporary and compressed musical language. Surprising encore!"-Chris Cutler
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