Den Sorte Død - Undergangen CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Reissue of the limited self released album from 2019. Den Sorte Død (The Black Death) is a ritual performance by artists Offermose and Angst. From deep within the dark forests of Sweden a depressive spell is cast. Drawn-out and haunting notes ooze eerily from distorted keys, conjuring up images of underground landscapes crawling with unseen apparitions. A lone silhouette wanders endlessly through sunless deserts and smoldering wastelands. Low rumbling echoes from distant mountains, releasing a putrid cloud of ever-shifting forms.
Have you seen the forest burning
Have you seen the sky aflame
Have you fed yourself to fire
Have you wallowed in the pain
Come follow me through darkness
Come smolder like the trees
Come blind yourself with ashes
Come give yourself to me
I shall light the path ahead
I shall free you of your flesh
I shall dry your every tear
I shall lead you to your death
Offermose & Angst returns as Den Sorte Død. Bringing apocalyptic prophecies of cosmic dimensions.
CD Edition of 300 copies in 4 panel digisleeve.”
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