Dunn, Trevor - Four Films

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"One of the busiest and most accomplished bass players in New York, a talented composer and band leader, Trevor Dunn has been the lynchpin of several astounding groups including Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, Moonchild, Asmodeus, Electric Masada, Junk Genius, New Mellow Edwards and many, many more. His own units include trioconvulsant, MadLove and Schemes of Omission. The soundtrack music here covers a wide range of moods, from electronic noise to jazz and orchestral music, and not surprisingly shows a marked Morricone influence. This is a dynamic CD of music from one of the best musicians in the new generation of downtown composer/performers."

Rob Burger: Rhodes
Trevor Dunn: All Instruments
Marika Hughes: Cello
Tim Keiper: Percussion, Drums
Chris Speed: Clarinet
Kenny Wollesen: Drums
Shelley Burgon: Harp, Voice
Olivier Conan: Voice
  • LabelTzadik
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